Ushering Ministry

The Ushering Ministry is responsible for providing a comfortable, God-fearing, loving, orderly and conducive atmosphere for the congregants to enjoy a pleasant worship experience.

MISSIONTo accommodate every congregant who enters the sanctuary of CITAM Rongai with a seat in the most pleasant and efficient manner possible
VISIONTo see worshippers come into the Sanctuary in an orderly manner, impacted by the helpful hand of an usher to the extent that they cannot help but rejoice in the beauty of God’s presence.


To create efficiency in services rendered by the ushering ministry both in pew and the pulpit area in all aspects of the ministry.

To create a good working relationship with the Welcome ministry, Holy Communion, Security and Traffic ministry, Pastoral Team.

To ensure a conducive environment for the worshipers as they worship.

We provide a comfortable, God-fearing and loving, orderly and conducive atmosphere for the congregants to come and worship

To ensure that the members receive all necessary needs to enjoy a pleasant worship experience

To ensure that each member is safe and the sanctuary is setup for worship

To strive to make CITAM Athi River a true desirable place where people want to join because of the care received form the ushers


Ensuring order in the Sanctuary for effective ministry in the pews from the pulpit.

Interceding for every person ushered into the Sanctuary

Faithfully collecting tithes and offering as part of worship

Watching over the worshipers belongings from the wrong characters

Being available and helping the congregants to be comfortable in the presence of God